Type-25 Package Price

The final total of the package will be determined by the factory options that are chosen from the dealership. We also have other options that are available to suit various needs and what you would like to do with your car. We have the option of being able to transform your existing car or allow you to purchase the vehicle completely brand new from the factory.

Type-25 Base Price (w/o car): $31,995
Type-25 Base Price (w/car): Will Depend on Selected Factory Options

Track Package Option

A Track Package is available that further adds improvement to the car for those who wish to push their cars harder at the track. By adding this package, carefully selected parts are added to protect the engine and to improve longevity of the engine.

  • Cosworth Oil Baffle Plate
  • Greddy Aluminum Racing Radiator
  • Greddy High Pressure Radiator Cap
  • Samco Sport Silicone Hoses


After purchasing your Type-25, we have a scheduled maintenance plan for those seeking to keep their cars at the optimum performance. Carefully selected NEO synthetic fluids and replacement parts have been chosen to keep your Type-25 running at its best.

A full list of available options can be found here:  Download the Type-25 Options List PDF file 

Type-25 Front View Internal Type-25 Serial Badge Greddy Informeter Speedline Turini Wheels Total fluids have been specially selected