The interior of the Type-25 varies only slightly from the STI on which it is based. Built to be a true driver's car, Subaru designs the cabin with a "less is more" approach, keeping features to an absolute minimum to reduce weight and maximize performance. Each car is serialized with a unique badge on the center console signifying the build number. The same number will also be present in the engine bay.

knobSelect factory options can be included at the time of purchase. There is the choice from of an optional Navigation system. This option is chosen at the time when selecting factory options from Subaru.

The available Greddy Informeter Touch is a great tool to monitor the engine vitals while driving on the track and on the road. This little device allows you to data log up to 15minutes of driving and allowing you to monitor 6 different parameters of the engine management along with some engine vitals. Extra sensors and module need to be added for some of the of the monitoring functions.

Greddy Informeter Type 25 STI Style Interior