Understated to say the least, the Type-25 is best characterized as subtle yet aggressive. More Peyton Manning than Terrell Owens, this amazingly capable car exudes confidence without arrogance, athleticism without swagger.

sl_turini_aWith the wide bodied STI as the starting platform for the Type-25 there was very little that needed to be done to the aerodynamics. We added the optional factory STI front lower spoiler – generating more downforce without creating any additional drag, and allowing the car to be in better contact with the road while adding a subtly aggressive look.

Speedline creates a solid and stylish wheel that perfectly combines form and function. Using their patented FlowForming Technology, Speedline is able to reduce weight and improve strength. Speedline's Turini color options are silver and anthracite.

Hidden behind the Speedline Turini wheel is an AP Racing Front Brake kit. For the Type-25 we have selected the special Competition Gray caliper color. This unique color comes from the racing division process to show the serious stopping capability of the brakes. Using large 355mm x 32mm slotted rotors and an aggressive street pad compound, this combination gives increased heat capacity and reduced stopping distances. Optional AP Racing Rear Brake kit is available.

Buyers can choose from any of the standard Subaru Impreza WRX colors. Adding the optional body colored grill completes the package.

Using only the best for your Type-25, specially selected items have been chosen to keep your Type-25 clean and protected from the elements. We include a basic maintenance kit of Griot Garage’s most popular car care products.

Type-25 Front ViewType-25 Rear BadgingOptional GrillGriot's Care Care Starter Kit