Consulting the original designers of the Type-25, PowerStation, we wanted to make sure that the US Version would be just as fun and enjoyable to drive as the original. It is!

ASTap-brake is used on the Type-25 US Edition. Damper valving and spring rates were specifically chosen by PowerStation for the Type-25. Increased grip and driver inspired confidence are greatly improved to levels well-beyond the factory levels and options. However for the US Edition, we have upped the springs on the original system with springs from one of the best manufacturer of springs in the world with Swift.

A matched set of Anti-Roll bars are changed on the front and rear. In addition, chassis bushings have been added and some replaced to improve upon the handling and stability characteristics of the car. These small changes make the chassis much more predictable in all handling situations and giving that extra bit of confidence in the corners.

A steering enhancement kit has also been designed to further improve the steering input and feedback. Select Bushings and an upgraded power steering spring prevent the undesired "knock-back" in the steering when cornering at high speeds.

With the improvements performed to the suspension, this has proven to be a great package with daily comfort and performance in mind.

AST Shocks AP Racing Front Brake Caliper Swift Springs