At the very heart of the Type-25 is a fully assembled motor from Cosworth – a name synonymous with power and reliability. Widely known for producing some of the highest quality components in the industry Cosworth was the natural choice to power the Type-25 US Edition.

Starting with the Subaru Boxer engine, all of the components are either blueprinted or replaced by Cosworth. Here is some of what's included:turbo

  • Cosworth assembled short motor with Forged Pistons, Forged Rods, and Race Bearings
  • Cosworth assembled heads with larger valves, upgraded valve springs, and high-flow camshafts
  • Serialized motor with build number
  • Complete breakdown specifications of the entire engine
  • Optional Cosworth Billet Crank available

To enhance capabilities of the Cosworth engine, we add a Type-25 Ball Bearing Turbo by Garrett. The turbo selected is designed to provide the ultimate in responsiveness and power. This perfectly matched combination of engine and turbo gives you an indescribable sensation every time you press the accelerator.

A complete exhaust system by Milltek Sport has been selected to complement the flow of the turbo. A high flow catalytic converter is added to help keep the car’s emissions low. Three inch stainless steel piping is used along with strategically placed resonators. The exhaust does not produce any excessive noise but subtly enhances the famous Subaru Boxer rumble.

Engine Power Output Specifications:

Power: 360-whp @ 6,250rpm
Torque: 340 lb-ft @ 4,400rpm
Fuel: Premium unleaded gasoline required. Minimum 91 Octane Rating.
Maximum Boost Pressure: 23psi

Note: Engine Power was measured on a Dynomite Land and Sea "Pro" 1000 AWD Chassis Dynamometer

Engine by CosworthGarrett Type 25 Ball Bearing TurboFuel InjectorsExhaust by Millet Sport